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Thinner brush size in Flash

2010-07-15 21:37:52 by tyokio

With the Cintiq 12WX you don't get much drawing space to play around with. Its made even worse that the smallest pen setting is really too big to fit enough detail into your drawings (especially roughs for frame by frame animation)

Ladies and Gents, I have found a solution!

- If you have a Wacom Tablet, you should have some pen settings dealing with the pens pressure.

- Set it all the way to firm and then go back to Flash.

- turn on pen pressure and set pen size to the smallest

- Set the Brush tools smoothing option to 24.

you should now be able to draw with a very thin line instead of flash's smallest brush.

Here's a preview doodle showing you the difference (link) , the thicker lines are Flash's smallest brush setting and the even thinner ones are drawn using this method, no zooming in was done to achieve that. let me know if this works for you too!

Should work with intuos wacom tablets and any tablet that has pen pressure functions.

good luck!

thought I'd upload some new art

2009-10-08 11:51:38 by tyokio

I got me to upload some more stuff to my art gallery here . gonna make a huge painting at some point which should be pretty fun or utterly catastrophic depending on how it goes!.

Animation wise, I haven't uploaded anything here since Rat 2 which was posted at the end of the year 2008. It does look like I haven't worked on anything from the outside but its certainly not the case, here's one of the things I've been working on, not including all the smaller test animations though but those can be found on my gallery there.

It's only on deviant art though, I want to upload it when its completely finished uke-BAD-DAY-roughs-130995859

Tempted to upload my show reel once its completed though, though I'm not sure all the unfinished rough line tests in there will go down all that well.

also, new computer is fully operational now. 8gb of ram, 1gb ATI HD4870 video card, its really helped improve working with complex 3d stuff and handles games great.

Built me a new Compy

2009-07-20 22:04:31 by tyokio

I decided I wanted to upgrade my computer one day, but I found out that I couldn't actually upgrade it any further then it was. So I decided to build myself a computer, buying all the pieces and salvaging some parts from the would be old computer. So I went from

AMD Athlon 64 2.2ghz (single core)
2gb ram
512mb vid card


AMD Phenom x4 2.3ghz (quad core)
4gb ram
512mb video card (from the old machine)
gigabyte motherboard

It all worked swimmingly too, had no trouble putting the stuff together and getting it to work. Its really not as hard as is looks, just read the manuals carefully and check compatibility of each piece. I did have to play a little guessing game with the power button/reset wires though because it didn't label + and - but I got it right 1st try. I was even tempted to see what a machine like this would have cost from pc world and found I saved about 200 pounds which really cheers me up. Tested a load of different things and it really has kicked the old computer in the ass! it could even play gta 4 on minimum settings! haha haven't tried it with the extra 2gb of ram though, I dont believe it would make much of a difference.

The only hitch though is I'm stuck with an old 40gb IDE hard drive but I ordered a 500gb SATA2 hard disk to finally complete the system.

oh.. animation wise, I'm making a new one! its not rat but it has some really impressive sequences in it, perhaps some of the best scenes I've done yet. I did the roughs for the 4 minute animation in about 6 days!

I clicked the link on the newgrounds news post about the titter page. When It loaded I was in for a bit of a shock, the latest entry said.

@wilw Hey Will! Good to see you on Twitter. is now representing on here. I've been on here personally for awhile.

HOW DID IT KNOW I WAS THERE ;0; (I'm a willw too btw, Will Wright that is) turns out it was too good to be true though because clicking on the name revealed to me that it was a Wil Wheaton. there was me thinking that nwgrounds knew everything.

And so its journey ends c:

2009-01-04 17:47:28 by tyokio

It was an awesome ride but Rat 2 has gone off front page, it'll be on the portal page for a few days until it vanishes into the depths of Newgrounds submission caves. It received some great attention and it was my first 4/5 which I'm really pleased about.

It finally makes me proud of another animation other then Red Desert or the first episode of Rat and makes me even more eager to get the next episode done c: Episode 3 has some of the most complex scenes I've ever animated, I mean it. I could upload the 3 minutes I have already but I want to keep to a constant 5 minute time length, plus I can use the extra 2 minutes to push the plot along.

also on the side while I was resting from flash for a few days I made this 3d model... trying to find out how the hell I get it into fallout3 :c

And so its journey ends c:

Rat 2 update

2008-12-13 21:26:28 by tyokio

Rat 2 will be completed soon. If all goes will it will be here this month, if not it will definatly be january.

Have a screen shot, would have been 2 but it seems I cant add more then one picture :C

Backgrounds painted in photoshop, animation done in flash.

Rat 2 update

Rat 2 Produciton Update

2008-10-17 15:02:34 by tyokio

Progress has been going really well. I've inked up to 4:40 out of 5:59 minutes and there are lots of scenes I'm really proud of too. Alot of scenes in this really push the levels of my capabilities, makes me even more glad I put this thing off for 2 years c:

Only 1:10 to go c: the final scene is going to be a really tough scene to animate, that scene alone will probably take a day to get it the way I want it to look.

Rat 2 production in full swing

2008-10-05 20:12:16 by tyokio

I'm Finally continuing work on rat 2 which unfortunatly had been delayed because of my University Animation course... however now thats out of the way (2.1 yay!) I can focus more time into my own projects.

The delay has had an insane impact on my animation quality too, you thought Rat 1 was good? well rat 2 is going to blow your mind : O at least I hope it will haha. I should have like some sort of thing displaying the progress or something... here we go

(time lenght will change every so often when I feel I need a better flow to the story.)

1:40 out of 6:40 has been line tested so far.

Rat 2 production in full swing


2007-09-12 05:35:11 by tyokio

I havent put anything up here for a long while, but I will have an animation here soon. Its currently having music made for it. I am also working hard to get Rat Episode 2 done, but I have a couple of other projects I have to work on including a couple of collaboration peices.