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Thinner brush size in Flash

2010-07-15 21:37:52 by tyokio

With the Cintiq 12WX you don't get much drawing space to play around with. Its made even worse that the smallest pen setting is really too big to fit enough detail into your drawings (especially roughs for frame by frame animation)

Ladies and Gents, I have found a solution!

- If you have a Wacom Tablet, you should have some pen settings dealing with the pens pressure.

- Set it all the way to firm and then go back to Flash.

- turn on pen pressure and set pen size to the smallest

- Set the Brush tools smoothing option to 24.

you should now be able to draw with a very thin line instead of flash's smallest brush.

Here's a preview doodle showing you the difference (link) , the thicker lines are Flash's smallest brush setting and the even thinner ones are drawn using this method, no zooming in was done to achieve that. let me know if this works for you too!

Should work with intuos wacom tablets and any tablet that has pen pressure functions.

good luck!


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2010-07-15 21:44:21

wow cool! nice find. do you recommend cintiq at all? i'm thinking about switching from intuos to cintiq

tyokio responds:

YES, with a capital "go and get one now!" haha... For frame by frame animations its been an absolutely fantastic tool, allowing me to more accurately place inbetweens and work a lot faster then the days when I was using my old graphire tablet.

Now I've found out how to get a thinner size at a larger zoom in flash its only gotten more powerful.


2010-07-15 22:00:47

thanks god that I have a Wacom. Go freakin' Bamboo, motha FUCKA!

tyokio responds:

wacom is what all the cool kids have!


2010-07-15 22:03:06

I just sketch everything in pink :/

tyokio responds:



2010-07-15 22:04:45

That thin like looks like a pencil setting with no smooth applied almost.

tyokio responds:

Does kinda and you can sort of get the same effect with just the pencil tool, but for some reason I find the brush tool more natural to draw with and easier to manipulate.


2010-07-15 22:48:55

wow nice, having to zoom in to get smaller brushes really was a pain in the ass. thanks for sharing this

tyokio responds:

yeah, being able to see the whole image makes life a whole lot easier.


2010-07-15 23:04:52

Meh, I prefer when the brush size is thick.

Of course I've only made three flashes.

tyokio responds:

fair enough, in some ways the thicker pen size creates a nice style plus it keeps the file size down a bit.


2010-07-16 01:03:33

I usually do 0 smoothing with pressure, but yea that's just me

tyokio responds:

you can have 0 smoothing but it can slow flash down a bit and create really sizey file sizes, then again, so does smoothing even at 34 but it makes flash run much better.


2010-07-16 01:18:20

Haayyy, very cool! I may have to try this out :D


2010-07-16 01:33:52

i don't have any of these issues, but i used to draw with thick lines, and now i think thin lines are the cat's pajamas. THE BEE'S FUCKING KNEES.

tyokio responds:

yeah, I was pretty much the same, until recently when I was cleaning up an animation and the result was really wiggly. If the roughs had been made with a thinner pen size the lines for clean up could have been more accurately placed.


2010-07-16 05:37:58

Why doesn't simply zooming in to get a smaller pen size work anymore?

tyokio responds:

its not really ideal for rough animation, its far better to see the whole image you are creating rather then part of the image. Plus the amount of time you'd spend scrolling up and down your picture just to draw one frame would ruin the fluid movement of the animation.


2010-07-16 09:54:42

Another great reason to buy a cintiq, that's 2,000 dollars or 100,000 pesos. sniff

tyokio responds:

the cintiq 12wx is cheaper so if you really wanted a cintiq but couldn't afford the more expensive model then I would recommend the 12WX.


2010-07-16 10:12:44

will this work with my Trust Slimline Design TB-6300 Graphics Tablet

tyokio responds:

if it has something similar to soft and firm pen settings then yes. If it doesn't have these options then you'd probably have to draw everything very lightly to get the same effect. Give it a shot is all I can say really.


2010-07-16 12:20:11

Will this work with my mouse?

tyokio responds:

if your mouse has pressure settings then yes! if the mouse doesn't have these settings then you'd probably have to stop feeding it until it does.


2010-07-16 13:20:38

Flash sucks for drawing. As do all computer programs. I've decided!!

tyokio responds:

lol they do kinda, pencil drawings have a lot more life to them but it takes longer for them to get from roughs to cleaned up drawings though.


2010-07-31 13:41:18

Awesome.Thanks for the tip. This might be useful. I'll try this at some point.